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Growing Up with Grails from gr8conf US 2014

Bloom Health was started in December 2009 and has been using grails and other groovy technology from day one. The team has grown to 30 developers, 4 devops and 10 testers. Our architecture has evolved from a single monolithic grails application to five smaller grails applications and a suite of dropwizard services behind them. Over the last (nearly) five years we've learned a lot and grown up with the groovy ecosystem. I'll share what went well, what didn't and what choices I'd make if I was building a brand new company. If you're new to grails/groovy or are wondering if it could increase your team's productivity, then this is the talk for you!

Vagrant Up from gr8conf US 2014

As your team and software grows, its important to have a consistent development and testing environment for everyone. Vagrant is an open source tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments. Chef is a systems and cloud infrastructure automation framework. At Bloom Health we use vagrant and chef and some custom internal tools to deploy everywhere from a developers laptop all the way through production. This includes 5 grails applications, 5 dropwizard services, mysql, redis and rabbitmq.

RESTful Groovy from gr8conf US 2013

I compare grails and dropwizard for building RESTful webservices, including their code readability, maintainability, deployment, metrics collection, scalability and testability.