Dropwizard project template

At bloomhealth we use dropwizard to build small, fast web services. Recently I’ve been contributing to Peter Ledbrook’s lazybones project templating system and I finally made time to build a template for dropwizard. [Read More]

New blog

I got bored of hosting on wordpress. I’ve moved over to an octopress blog hosted as a static site on Amazon S3. I only pay for the bandwidth used and no one reads this blog so it should be dirt cheap. Octopress is a framework for technical blogging based on... [Read More]

2013 Goals

In 2012 I was promoted to lead developer. We have a team of 24 developers and we expect to continue growing quickly. My goals for 2013 are focussed around team and team building. Recruiting / Interviewing I’m not a recruiter and I’m not going to email random people and tell... [Read More]

Submitted an abstract to talk at gr8conf2013

I submitted an abstract to speak at gr8conf.us this year in Minneapolis. This would my first time speaking at a conference. A trend in web development has been towards microservices - or small, independent RESTful APIs that back a larger web application. For example, github's api allows you to do... [Read More]

Global Day of Code Retreat - Minneapolis Edition

On Saturday I hosted and facilitated Global Day of Code Retreat - Minneapolis. My employer BloomHealth sponsored the event at our office in downtown Minneapolis. We had 16 people come in on a Saturday in the snow during the Holidays for a day of deliberate practice at the craft of... [Read More]