Using meta-annotations to DRY your groovy

When you’re using grails every day you forget how much the grails conventions can keep your code DRY. I love dropwizard and I don’t mind hibernate (too much) but adding the same 3 or 4 annotations on every class gets old. Groovy 2.1.0+ has a feature to help with this... [Read More]

Does @CompileStatic make your web site faster?

At Bloomhealth we’ve been running five dropwizard in production for about 6 months. Until recently those services have mostly been for internal tools or low volume external tools. In preparation for heavier use, we started do more extensive load testing of both our grails and dropwizard applications. We’ve been using... [Read More]

Enabling Newrelic for Dropwizard

We are using Yammer Metrics and Graphite but New Relic gives a lot of fantastic information with very little work. We’ve used it for several years with our Grails applications. In particular, the app server transaction traces gives data that we don’t get by default from yammer metrics. Enabling new... [Read More]

Optional Type for Groovy

The Optional type allows a programmer to specify intent on the retrun value of a method by specifying that the method could return an$ instance or null. It forces the caller to think about null and what that means. Functional languages like haskell and scala have this baked into the... [Read More]

Abstract for Twin Cities Code Camp 15

I submitted an abstract to speak at Twin Cities Code Camp 15 in October. This event has over 300 people for a single day, free conference at the University of Minnesota. It happens twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. I spoke in the spring... [Read More]