Traits And Geb

Traits were added to groovy in 2.3 and I hadn’t used one yet in a real project. While writing some geb tests for a ratpack application recently, I needed to be able to log in as a user before the test executed. I wanted to reuse the log in code... [Read More]

Ratpack plus Docker plus Gradle

This is just a quick example of having gradle build a docker container with a ratpack application as part of the build process. You’ll need to have docker installed in order for this to work. If you’re using OSX then boot2docker is the best way to go. [Read More]

Multi-Factor Authentication - Part 2

At the end of part 1, the first step of multi-factor authentication was finished. The second authentication step will verify a token sent via text message to the user. In order to accomplish this, there needs to be a Spring Security filter and authentication provider. The filter will be triggered... [Read More]

Multi-Factor Authentication - Part 1

Two-Factor authentication is a form of authentication which requires the user to confirm their identity by more than just a username and password. There are three types authentication factors from which two must be used. The factors are knowledge (username/password), possession (sending a text message to a phone) and inheritance... [Read More]

The State of Code Coverage for Groovy

Last year we finally decided to update from JDK6 to JDK7. This was mostly a painless process, however when we upgraded, we started getting very strange code coverage numbers. We were using cobertura 2.0.3 at the time. I also created an issue at the time, and more recently a second... [Read More]